Four years ago I had created SquidVomit as a nine bottle batch. I had originally intended it to be given to friends and family (I still have an unopened bottle in my fridge).


Flash forward to around 6 months ago when I decided to see where I could take the sauce. I had cheated on the original recipe by adding it to already made hoisin sauce, and to my surprise it turned out really great tasting.

Sweet potatos

However, I decided to make the new recipe from scratch, or as close to scratch as possible, as I wasn’t going to make the soy sauce or other ingredients. I made sure none of the items that go into the recipe were a mix of anything else. So I started out with a recipe for hoisin sauce, it called for black bean paste, and it was pretty good (And yes, I also have a jar from that batch in the fridge also). While researching I found out that sweet potato makes a pretty good base, and with a little experimenting, I find myself here at the current recipe.

What I wanted to make is a sauce that I would want to use, and I wanted to make sure it was unlike anything I have ever seen or tasted, with a name you would never forget.


In regards to the heat, my goal was (and still is) to find that perfect combination of chiles and hot peppers that kick in at different times while lasting for varying durations. This way you will always have a more interesting experience as you partake in this unique, ever evolving brew.

SquidVomit will always be slightly different from batch to batch, Its micro brew after all.